Miss P

Miss P just had her 12th birthday.  Of course I have no idea when she was actually born, but she came into our life on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so that is the official holiday.   She is not doing well and my veterinarian suggested that I count my blessings and make a list of all the things that make her a great dog.


She was awarded the title “Miss Monkey Paws” of 2004, 2005, 2006 etc. because she likes to use her paws for everything!

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She has a great nose for mischief and can smell a bit of dropped food (like this desiccated pizza) at 50 feet and if she finds it, it’s hers! (Unfortunately, she can also detect dead birds, rabbit poo and other revolting things).

She has always been a ‘wiggle butt’, when she is happy she doesn’t just wag her tail, she gets everything moving.

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She loves the water and is part-mermaid.   She has a wading pool in summer, and will try and bite the stream of water from a hose. Although she tries, she has never been able to stop the evil hose monster, no matter how hard she bites it.


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Squeaky toys are also evil, and need to be destroyed as quickly as possible.   Her latest birthday present lasted 4 minutes.


She has beautiful naturally curly hair, especially right after her bath.

pen and pearls

And people often comment on her beautiful face.

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That’s because they don’t see this face, when she has been using her monkey paws to get into trouble. 😉   She is my perfect partner in crime, and I love her.


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