A box of memories




I was feeling the weight of owning objects, so I decided to sort through some bits and bobs.  It’s hard to remember where and when I bought certain everyday items, like socks.    But other seemingly ordinary things can have a surprising flood of memories attached.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


A coffee cup that celebrates our two different colleges, purchased at the university bookshop.   We had gone there on a trip to get new university sweatshirts.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A travel coffee mug that we purchased with the dog treat barrel at Christmas time.  It was on special offer.   Miss P still keeps her treats in the barrel.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

A coffee cup that was a present from my mother.   (Not her style, but I think I asked for this).

The advice from the de-cluttering gurus is to get rid of things that you are not actually using.   I myself just told a friend that even when he sold his house, he could take the memories with him, but of course this is a lie.    So what did I do?   I got rid of all the candles that I had gotten as presents (a very popular girly gift to give), and  all the Mason Jars I was saving (and not using), and kept these cups.   Perhaps they will go away some day, but not today.

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  1. Adding my 2 cents worth, I’ve enjoyed reading your recent postings. I’ve also been bothered by the huge collections of ephrema trailing into the distant past, ever reminding and scolding. Hard to let it all go though. Also enjoy your wry sense of humor. Keep at it!

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