Month: November 2021

  • Signs

    Signs are rather mundane bits of the landscape, they tell one, where to go, what’s up ahead, what something is. And as you know, I do like to take photos of the many varieties of signs, especially when they are somewhat cryptic. Like this sign here, it is indicating that one can fall, or that […]

  • Speak

    At the flats I stay at, there is this place. I kept walking past the door, but one day it was open…. Well, as it turned out, it was a semi-secret pub, and was very popular with a sort of trendy young person. It was a facsimile of a speak-easy, those American drinking establishments of […]

  • Word-less

    “The thing you love most might not be what you’re best at. And not realizing this can damage you.” Aaron Shulman Quote from my commonplace book.