The Mountain

I am a flatlander by birth, when I saw my first mountain in real life I was rather frightened by it. But over the years I have become accustomed to the mountains, and I love to look at how the light changes them. And having a mountain nearby makes it easy to navigate wherever one might be in town, one can always find one’s bearings.

I wasn’t too far from my house, but it’s a slightly different view than the one through my front window.

Downtown near the motorway the mountain looks rather shrunken.

I was in the middle of town on this day and the mountain was engulfed in a cloud. It looked as though it was being eaten (perhaps by aliens riding and hiding in the cloud).

And I can’t resist the occasional glorious sunset over the mountain, even though I have lots of these shots taken over the years. On this day I was on the eastern edge of town, driving away from the sunset, but I could see this in the rear-view mirror. I pulled over quickly to photograph this, and seconds later it was gone.

Today however, the mountain is a total mystery, as it has disappeared in the snow and fog. Tomorrow it will reappear in it’s newest iteration, lovely and different in its’ own way.