Sunday in the Park

Yes, I know that I have posted pictures of this before, but there is not much new going on right now, so here it is again. My friends like to walk around this park, and had asked me to go, so I said yes. It looks like unspoiled nature in the pictures, but of course there were scads of people milling about. There was even a number of professional climbers scaling the rocks. But, it was lovely day in December, perfect for the bazillionth pictures I have taken here.

Today I actually found a parking spot near here (a minor miracle).

It’s all natural in the park, they don’t remove dead trees or weeds, I mean native vegetation.

There are several paved paths that meander through the park, and of course I have done this anti-clockwise loop many times.

The sun goes down early this time of year, so this was enough fun for me and I was off for home.

Back at home, here was Fawn, waiting for me to fetch her some water (it has been awfully dry). Who knows what sort of adventure I will have next Sunday (it will probably involve knitting).