I like the variety of signs shopkeepers choose to advertise their business. Who wouldn’t want to eat at a place frequented by a sheep (or is it a goat?). The hand-written notice on the window lets one know that they are open.

I also like inadvertent signs, like this bit of graffitti. Perhaps “Tents” is a band, or is it just an enigmatic sticker someone made? I don’t know, but someone else with a marker was compelled to answer.

Then there are the ancient signs, faded, but faintly visible still. I have no idea when this business was here, it’s been a bar for the past 30 years or so.

This sign was a lovely invitation to enter (or at least it was those many years ago when it was first put up). Gadgets! Gizmos! and Electronics! Just the sort of place to offer a vision of the future, now it seems incredibly quaint. But it is still here to remind us of another time.

That brings us to the present, and the Alien in the shop window. Safely behind glass, one hopes that this is not a sign of the times. Or maybe it is.

Sunday in the Park

I had been invited out for tea on Sunday, and as luck would have it, it was right across the street from a city park. I had heard about the wondrous new structure that the city had added, so I decided to check it out.

Yes, the city (really the taxpayers) spent some large sum of money to install a state of the art, self cleaning, public toilet. And it has apparently become a trending item on instagram (people really spend their time looking at such things?). I will admit that this is probably as attractive a structure as possible, and it is certainly a useful addition to the park.

It makes a nice place to put one’s collection of old photos.

This building was one of the very first buildings erected in the area, but this sort of building failed to catch on, so most of the surrounding ones are brick.

There is also a bandstand in the park, and there was a dj creating music at the time. The local hippies (apparently it is still a thing) were enraptured, but not enough to start dancing.

In former times, there would be car show on this weekend, with an opportunity to admire the rides, and chat with the owners. But this year it was held as a cruising event, most of the cars just drove up and down the main drag, so one couldn’t really get a close look at all the tiny details that the owners had added. This one had parked, so I was able to run an eyeball over it’s customization. It’s a nice job (and perhaps the owner has had a little too much time on his hands).

Ultimately, I suppose the park shows that while some things change, bits of it stay the same.

Out and About

It was supposed to be a hot and sunny day, perhaps the sort of day for one to stay in near an air conditioner, but it was also the start of a shop hop. (One goes to each of the shops on the list to collect a stamp, and possibly win a prize packet, but mostly it is an excuse to go shopping.) So me and my friends decided that it was a good day to head up to the shops in the north.

And the first shop on the list was in this town, which is named for the large rock formation that looms over the town like the ruins of an ancient fortress.

Later, after we had gone to three shops in the big city (spent money) and had lunch, it was time to turn around and head back home. And there on the horizon, appearing as a small blue bump is the mountain.

There is still areas of open space with farms and ranches between the cities, and now the mountain is more fully in view. (Those are fake storm clouds in the sky, it never did rain).

We’re almost home, and there is the mountain, in all it’s familiar glory.

And what exactly were we shopping for? Why quilting fabric of course, because one can never have too much fabric. These are just small bits because I plan on turning these into more face masks, some for my friends, but mostly for me. Because after all, one can’t wear the same thing day after day.