I was out and about, driving around town, when I noticed how splendid the clouds were against the blue, blue sky. So as I was somewhat nearby, I decided to drive to the overlook in one of the city parks. This land was useless for any practical purpose, so the town founder (an abolitionist, please leave his statue alone) donated this spot to the city for this park.

I love looking at clouds, but perhaps I should look more at the roads. 😉

To the north, that tiny blue bump on the horizon is Castle Rock, the next major city up the road.

The north of town. The lighter area in the middle of this picture on the mountain is a quarry.

The peak.

The south end of town. This mountain has a secret (well it’s not exactly a secret) military base inside of it, that goes back a mile into the rock. There are lots of television transmitters, etc. on the top. At the foot of the mountain is an army base. The light colored blob on the right hand side of this photo is our beautiful downtown, which is the hip new place to be (depending on who one asks). In between all of these shots are the places that people live and work and go about their business. And it is actually a great place to live.

A late post about a late spring

This year’s weather has been a bit unpredictable, with a major storm in October, none in May, and a bit of snow in June. So the local iris garden (high altitude proving grounds) at the library was off to a slow start with blooming. However, every time I went over there I did add a few more picture of these gorgeous blooms to my collection, and here they are!

So this one is my very favorite. Why is it such a bad picture? Well it was cold that day, with a stiff breeze blowing.

So after proving that these beauties can bloom at high altitude, they will be dug up and sold next month. I’ll have to wait until next year to see what sort of blossoms will appear. ( I am going to try and buy some for my house, but I am an indifferent gardener