Holy Moly

I went downtown to go to the bank and deposit my government check quickly before the government runs out of money. I had forgotten that we can’t go into the bank, so I had to use the drive up. And right there across the street is a building that I have meant to take a picture of, so today was the day.

This looks to be a rather ordinary old building, perhaps it was once a family home?

No, it was actually the first temple in the city. I had noticed this cornerstone when I was out walking with the late Miss Dog. The building was home to some attorney at the time, now it is home to an architect (although this bit here does look like it needs some maintenance).

Since I was already downtown I decided to take a few more pictures of some of the many church buildings (former and current).

This building is newly rehabbed, it used to have a clapboard exterior and was rather seedy looking. And after being used for a variety of things, it is a church of some sort again.

I’m not sure if this one is an active church or not, but it obviously has not been gussied up. (Yet).

I’m also not sure if this one is still a church, or if it has been remodeled into use as a home. It is similar to the temple, perhaps they were built around the same time.

Here was the church cat, on the prowl for church mice. 😉

This is only a small sampling of the numerous church buildings in the tiny downtown area. What does this say about the founders of the city: they were a religious bunch, and they couldn’t get along with their heathen neighbors. I suppose it’s still the same to this very day.

Last week and this week

Last weekend my friends asked if I might like to go for a hike, so I said yes. I couldn’t really think of any place in particular, so they suggested this city park. I thought it would probably be full of people, but I had said yes, so this was where we went. That there was no parking available should have been the tip off that this wasn’t the greatest idea, I dislike crowds.

This is a great shot of “the Gateway” (really, that’s its name). I stepped to one side so that the vast horde that was there was not visible, but trust me there were scads of people milling about.

And there’s the Peak, with a few visitors that I could not crop out. It was a beautiful sunny weekend and was pretty warm, about 80 degrees F.

As it was about 5 pm when we finished our walk (3 1/2 miles by her Fitbit) and there were lovely shadows on the ridge to the north. We are outside of the park, because that’s where our cars were. But, it was a nice finish to the day (and we had certainly walked further than I had planned on).

This weekend was a completely different story. It was cold (about 50 degrees F) and the day was rainy. It was quite easy to find a place to park, I had my choice of spaces on a close in lot. And I always have an umbrella in the car, so I decided to take a stroll.

Here’s the Gateway again. The rocks look a lot redder when wet.

And the Peak seems to be missing! (Not to worry, it’s back again today, covered in fresh snow).

All and all it was a great day to be strolling about, there were no crowds to contend with, and I got some pictures that are different than the jillions of photos I already have. 😉


To the west of my house is a giant (14,115 ft) mountain. And as effects of the light is ever-changing I take rather a lot of pictures of this, although some of the most interesting views are the ones seen through the windshield as I am driving along running errands.

A recent evening view. I also get a snapshot of this every evening as the street light comes on, from my doorbell (Oh thanks).

What makes this picture unique is that it was taken on May 21st, last year!

April of last year.

I generally like mermaids and I generally like octopi. but I somehow don’t really like them when combined in this art. But, I suspect that one could not find another city that has one like this (I hope).

I have heard a rumor that there are also beautiful sunrises on the mountain, but I personally have never seen one (perhaps one day). 😉