Month: December 2018

  • Traditions

    I suppose that every family has it’s traditions around the food served at this time of year. And of course I have them too, although the older I get, the less important some of them seem. But there are certain foods which are essential, like these. I realize that this does not look especially festive, […]

  • Friends

    Everyone needs friends. It’s nice to have someone sympathetic to chat with, or just chill with and enjoy their company. Pteri is no exception. Brontosaurus are always going on about how delicious the vegetarian lifestyle is and how everyone should adopt this. And this friend couldn’t agree more, yes plants are delicious. (Pteri has heard […]

  • Oh deer

    We are currently in the season for outdoor decorations, and one of the more popular choices for decorating is deer.   Technically, I suppose that people are thinking ‘reindeer’, with sort of North Pole connotations.   But it’s easier to go with generic deer as a sign of the season. If you are wanting to have outdoor […]

  • Cooking class

    I admit that I love anything that has lots of sugar and butter in the recipe (although it does not necessarily love me back).  One of my friends has taken a lot of classes at a local cooking school, and she talked about how much fun this was.  So I decided I might give this […]