Month: February 2017

  • Flotsam

    There is a new exhibit down at the local history museum, which lists bits of the past from A (either the Antlers hotel or Alexander Film Company) to Z (the zoo).  It’s completely random and arbitrary what things survive from the past, and this totally appeals to me. Here are some bits that come from […]

  • Random Capitol Portraits

    I went up to the state capitol to do a little bit of politicking.  And in between the speeches and handshaking, I went on a little jaunt to take a few photos of the icons of this beautiful building. There were plenty of stained glass portraits of politicians and other notables in the many windows […]

  • Random portraits

    After much ado, I changed my ancient desktop computer to a minimally newer model.    I didn’t go into the big box computer store to be insulted, but this was provided free of charge.   I persevered in my attempt to conquer technology, but I don’t have a brilliant or cohesive post for this week. […]

  • The gang

    I think that Rosa has become the matriarch of the neighborhood herd.  She is certainly the friendliest and least fearful of the local deer.  That is Adele standing in the background, she is a little skittish and is ready to bolt at the slightest thing. Adele does have a sweet face to go along with […]

  • Hockey

    I had an invite to a college hockey game, the local team was playing North Dakota.   M and I used to live in North Dakota, a hockey-mad state, so we often used to come to the games to see them when they played here.  The local team is not very good, there were lots […]