Month: June 2016

  • Sky

    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and temperate. And summer’s lease hath too short a date. Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines. And often is his gold complexion dimmed.   Many thanks to Bill Shakespeare for today’s guest post!

  • Father’s Day Chili

    Well we are just past Father’s Day, and one of my brothers sent me a request for my father’s chili recipe.   Dad was born in 1928, and in his era “Mexican” food was not so ubiquitous a part of the food landscape.  He had been raised on the Eastern European diet plan: sausages when […]

  • Instant town

    In a time when we have the phenomenon of pop-up dining, stores and events, it should come as no surprise the we also have instant towns.  Like this one.  To make this town, you start with a prairie. Clear off the cows and antelope, scrape off the grasses and weeds, then level it a bit, […]

  • Dreams

    I just finished my stint of working on selling raffle tickets for a “dream home”.   The house is donated and all of the money goes to a children’s cancer charity, but it takes a lot of time from us volunteers.  So I had some time to think about the nature of dreams. This is […]

  • Memorial day

    Memorial Day means different things to people.  It’s the official (or semi-official) start to summer.  School is usually out and people take their vacations.   Many folks celebrate with a barbeque cookout and lots and lots of beer.   I decided to go to the local cemetery where they were honoring the soldiers of past wars. First […]