Month: December 2015

  • Food Memories

    For Christmas one of my brothers sent me this: a Krakowska, from Piekutowski’s.   It’s a ham based sausage, and Pope John Paul II said it is the best Krakowska outside of Krakow.  This sausage maker is located in the old neighborhood in North St. Louis, and I have been eating this for as long […]

  • Presents

    Christmas presents can be an emotional minefield.  As a kid there is that one thing that you really, really want, like the bb gun in “A Christmas Story” or a pony.   Very often that is the thing that you are not going to get.  In my family we tended to get a toy or […]

  • Traces

    The county courthouse is always a symbol of civic pride and importance, and our local courthouse is no exception.  Finished in 1903, it was made to last through the ages.   And it has, but the courthouse functions moved across the street years ago, now it is a local history museum. The courtrooms were beautiful, […]

  • Arcade

    It was a lovely week, with unseasonably warm weather, so me and Miss P went over to Manitou Springs to the arcade.    It features coin operated rides and games, from the 1930’s up to the very latest.   We strolled around the outside and she kept a sharp eye peeled for any lost food. […]

  • Miss P

    Miss P just had her 12th birthday.  Of course I have no idea when she was actually born, but she came into our life on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so that is the official holiday.   She is not doing well and my veterinarian suggested that I count my blessings and make a list of […]

  • Trail

    Today after Miss P got her acupuncture we went walking on the trail by the creek.  It was a beautiful day after the recent snow and cold, perfect for a stroll. Here’s a view of Pulpit Rock, with the new free standing (not attached to a hospital) emergency room that’s being built in front of […]