Month: March 2015

  • Women of Color about town.

    If it is hard to find statues honoring women it is usually even harder to find statues honoring women of color, but I was able to come up with a few. I found a couple near the local art museum.  They have installed a number of representations of women of color (because we are so […]

  • Women about town

    Well I decided to look for art honoring women and it was pretty slim pickings, but I did come up with a few. This is the only statue honoring an individual woman.  She wrote a well-known song about the mountain “America the Beautiful”.  So her statue gets to actually face the mountain. This woman representing […]

  • Who are these people?

    I last posted a corner of a room, and just barely visible at the bottom of one are a collection of photos.   Here’s the scoop on a few of the vintage photos. This is my paternal grandmother in about 1925 when she was a 15 year old factory girl.   She had gotten dressed […]

  • Household art

    Today I thought I would share some of the art that hangs on my walls. I made the quilted piece with turtles after a visit to Hawaii.   My husband used to live there and he loved everything about life there.  He was a kama’aina.   The turtles are based on traditional shapes, but they […]

  • Traces

    Of course this area was once home to and part of the range of various Native American tribes.   Cuerno Verde started his war against the settlers right where the power plant stands today.    There are still traces of the indigenous people. These don’t exactly honor the memory of the ancestors. This place is […]

  • More men about town

    I hadn’t really realized how many statues of men there were until I started taking photos.   So here’s more of this lot. This was a local farmer.  He liked to grow pumpkins to give away to school children. This guy and his hat are immortalized near the courthouse. This member of the Dumpty family […]

  • Men about town

    Strolling about town, one notices that there are a number of representations of men. This fellow with his back turned to the mountain, was the European person who gave the mountain it’s present name.   He used to be facing the mountain, but when the city moved him, they turned him around. The city founder […]