Month: July 2014

  • County Fair

    I would be willing to guess that agricultural fairs are the same the world over.   I was struck by the need to attend our county fair on the last day, so off I went.   It’s about 35 miles west of town, out on the plains.   A big rainstorm had just come through […]

  • Hand-y

    After years of faithful service, my right hand decided to retire.  Okay, it didn’t really formally retire, it decided to plague me with carpal tunnel.  This meant that at random times, it would get numb and/or have flaming pain.   So when I went to my new hand doctor (the old doctor had the nerve […]

  • New art

    I think that it is fairly obvious at this point that I am not much of a writer.  I tend to write short, choppy sentences and to be rather terse.  But, I did go to this blogging course and I feel that I owe it to my fellow students to at least try.  I also […]

  • Women’s groups

    In yesterday’s newspaper the advice columnist (agony aunt) answered a person who did not like the personal nature of conversations among women at work.   She gave some sort of sappy advice, my advice to the complainer would be to go back into their cave!   If you can’t share your life and concerns with […]

  • My favorite mountain

    Today I would like to share my favorite mountain with you.   This picture was taken from my front porch this morning.   In a person that you love, the best quality is that they are unchanging, the essential thing that you love about them stays the same.  Ah, but when you love a mountain, […]

  • Mrs. Havisham

    There are situations in one’s life that causes time to stand still. l’m not sure if being jilted at the altar is a good reason, it may have been a narrow escape, but I don’t know. The  Waldo Canyon fire was two summers  ago.   I had taken down all the pictures so the painter […]

  • Deer Block

    I know that you’re wondering ‘What the heck is a  deer block?’  Is it a place where deer have to live, like a tower block for deer?   Is it something that stops deer?  No, it’s not either one.   It’s a cube of deliciousness that deer love to nibble on.   It has molasses […]