Category: Mountains

  • Why here?

    One of the perils of being named as a great place to live in various magazines (are they even still a thing?) and in some sort of poll, is that people wish to move here. As a long-term resident I am somewhat dismayed by the attention (and the increase in housing prices, cars on the […]

  • More Mountain

    I love living here, and I love to look at the mountain everyday. I will just be driving along and see a picture perfect view that I want to capture. It is always slightly different and always beautiful (someone even wrote a song about this after climbing to the top). I had just come out […]

  • The Mountain

    I am a flatlander by birth, when I saw my first mountain in real life I was rather frightened by it. But over the years I have become accustomed to the mountains, and I love to look at how the light changes them. And having a mountain nearby makes it easy to navigate wherever one […]

  • Last week and this week

    Last weekend my friends asked if I might like to go for a hike, so I said yes. I couldn’t really think of any place in particular, so they suggested this city park. I thought it would probably be full of people, but I had said yes, so this was where we went. That there […]


    To the west of my house is a giant (14,115 ft) mountain. And as effects of the light is ever-changing I take rather a lot of pictures of this, although some of the most interesting views are the ones seen through the windshield as I am driving along running errands. A recent evening view. I […]

  • Clouds

    Do you see yonder cloud, that’s almost in the shape of a camel? By the mass, and ’tis like a camel indeed. Methinks it is like a weasel.  It is backed like a weasel. Or, like a whale?  Very like a whale. Thus sometimes hath the brightest day a cloud. Many thanks to Bill Shakespeare […]

  • Sunday in the Park

    We have had a string of rather fine days for this time of year lately.  First there was the day for the eating holiday, then there was the day for the shopping holiday, and then today was perfect for just being out strolling around and enjoying the sunshine.  There is a spectacular city park, so […]

  • Touristing

    There are several attractions here in town for tourists, and as I am a resident, I try to avoid them.  But a group I belong to wanted to go to this one, so I decided to give it a go and see if it was worth seeing. And it has been a tourist attraction for […]

  • Old year

    It’s a snowy and miserable day to be outside today, so I thought that I would share some pictures taken last year, on Dec 30th.  My friends asked me if I wanted to take a stroll through our most famous city park and I immediately said “Yes!”.   As it was sunny and warmish I […]

  • Fall

    After a cool Spring and an almost cooler Summer, Fall is finally here. This was the view from my front door this morning, with the gorgeous colors of Fall.   Although it has snowed up on the peak, it hasn’t stuck. Down by the creek, there is some yellow, but there is still plenty of […]