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  • Oh deer

    We are currently in the season for outdoor decorations, and one of the more popular choices for decorating is deer.   Technically, I suppose that people are thinking ‘reindeer’, with sort of North Pole connotations.   But it’s easier to go with generic deer as a sign of the season. If you are wanting to have outdoor […]

  • Oh deer

    Well there I was having another art day and I had ended up at a rather swanky hotel.   The hotel was having a plein air day with a number of their artists who show at the gallery out and about painting the scenery at the hotel.   As I was leaving I stepped out of the […]

  • Favorites

    As my house is near a park/open space, there are a lot of deer that wander through the neighborhood enjoying the landscaping and hanging out.   I have named a number of them, although I am not sure if they recognize their names.  🙂   Some I see only occasionally, and others I see more frequently.   And […]

  • Dinosaurs

    I think that my love of dinosaurs must have started before I could even read.   My big brother discovered the topic first, and I always tried to do everything that he did.  He made little books about his favorites (or perhaps it was just the ones that he read about.  I’m sure he liked them […]

  • More of the same

    It’s sometimes hard to say when the subject of a post is done.   And I find myself looking at new things and thinking that they could be a part of a previous post.   So here are some additions, This lovely candidate for the trees post, serves as a shady bower to protect those persons waiting […]

  • Home

    It is always nice to come home after being away.   Home is familiar and comfortable, just the way one likes.   And we have the many sayings that reflect this “there’s no place like home” or “home is where the dog is”, etc. etc.  My house is not only home to me, but there […]

  • The gang

    I think that Rosa has become the matriarch of the neighborhood herd.  She is certainly the friendliest and least fearful of the local deer.  That is Adele standing in the background, she is a little skittish and is ready to bolt at the slightest thing. Adele does have a sweet face to go along with […]

  • Lounging about

    I have always thought that the deer in my neighborhood have a rather sweet deal.   There’s not a lot of traffic (once they are on this side of the Interstate [motorway]).  There’s lots of delicious landscaping to eat.   And they can stroll down to the creek for a drink.   But then I […]

  • Bunnies

    It all started with “Tales of Peter Rabbit”.    Yes the lovely story of the misadventures of this mischievous young rabbit was the start of a love affair with the family Leporidae.   And Easter is their holiday, starting with their chocolate representatives who bring us both hard boiled and candy eggs.   Who wouldn’t […]

  • AirBnB or is it DeerBnB?

    Well the neighborhood deer have gotten pretty comfortable with hanging out.   They are part of the herd of God’s cattle, and they mostly go wherever the mood (or food) takes them.   Sometimes I don’t see them for weeks, which makes them the perfect sort of pet (unlike Miss P who is constantly seeing […]