Category: Doings

  • Annual

    As it has been 365 days since the planet travelled around the sun, it was once again time for the big show in the city to the north. The week before I had a virus and was not really sure if I wanted to go, but the tidal pull of tradition won out and there […]

  • Year of the Rabbit

    I love any excuse for a celebration, and this was the one for today. In years past I would prepare a feast for the day, but this seems too much like work, so I opted instead to see what was going on in town. The first decision was, what to wear? I had purchased this […]

  • Going to a Movie

    Back when I was a young and lazy college student I did take a couple of film classes. These were fairly easy classes as it only involved showing up at the student center to watch movies, then going to a lecture where the professor rambled on about the film. As it was very long ago, […]

  • Festival

    After a two year delay because of Covid, it was on again, the 112th Annual Festival. It was smaller than the past, but I was frankly just glad that it was happening again. Some things never change in this tiny corner of the state, except to get worse. Unlike in the fashionable parts of the […]

  • Farm

    A big river flows through the city to the south, so it is possible to grow things there (unlike here where people only grow lawns). Visiting the farm stands is the other destination when going to the fair. And as it is harvest time, it’s the perfect time to visit. And there is the best […]

  • Fair

    Probably ever since there was agriculture, there have been agricultural fairs. The State Fair is many things, but at it’s core it’s a celebration of agriculture and the harvest. It only lasts for ten days, so me and my friend rushed off to see this year’s version. I think I have mentioned that I know […]

  • Opa!

    I do love to attend church festivals, it’s a left-over tradition from my youth (which was a very long time ago). So on this rare rainy cool Saturday I was off. First, a stop at my sometimes church to pick up a box of tree-ripened peaches from the western part of the state. Imagine if […]

  • Plein Air

    It was time for the annual plein air art demos at the fancy hotel across town that is sponsored by the gallery at the hotel. I am nothing if not a lemming, so there I was yet again. I drove up to the entrance and the valet parked my car, because at a place like […]

  • Another day in the country

    I had asked a friend to come with me on my annual pilgrimage to acquire the essential item for a Christmas eve supper, and for that we had headed south. Because there had been a tremendous windstorm the day before, it was slow going as the highway department was blocking traffic to retrieve lost signs. […]

  • Speak

    At the flats I stay at, there is this place. I kept walking past the door, but one day it was open…. Well, as it turned out, it was a semi-secret pub, and was very popular with a sort of trendy young person. It was a facsimile of a speak-easy, those American drinking establishments of […]