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Oh deer

We are currently in the season for outdoor decorations, and one of the more popular choices for decorating is deer.   Technically, I suppose that people are thinking ‘reindeer’, with sort of North Pole connotations.   But it’s easier to go with generic deer as a sign of the season.

If you are wanting to have outdoor lights anyway, why not a lighted deer?

This family of log deer are certainly cute and crafty, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Hey, wait a minute.   That’s not even a deer, it’s just a dog with an antler tied to his head (if you want to be a Grinch about it).

Well now we’re getting completely ridiculous, besides being rather abstract.   Nothing says festive like Rudolph the red-nosed car.   Really?

This is more like it, the real thing (although you can tell from the state of his antlers that I took this picture in the spring).   After spending the summer wherever they disappear off to, the local deer are back in the neighborhood.   And making a festive statement just by being themselves.


If this year so far had a theme, it would probably be “meh”.  And the reason is: last December I somehow injured my shoulder, so I haven’t been able to do very much activity.  First, I did the useless physical therapy.  When that didn’t do anything, I got the MRI (note to self: always keep the credit cards far away from the machine to prevent de-magnetization.)

When my regular doctor saw these pictures back in January he said “Huh, I don’t think the bone is supposed to be in that position.”  This was not exactly a comforting statement.

So I was scheduled for surgery at the end of February, just before the big annual orthopedic convention.  But, I got some sort of bug the day before surgery was scheduled, so it was a no go.  My doctor did not learn any new painless techniques at convention, so I got the standard treatment recently.

This is what my shoulder will look like on the inside, except that mine has a new screw in the bone, and the loose bit has been sewed down to this anchor.   So in mere six weeks or more I will be as good as new (or as good as Dr.  Frankenstein can make me).


I think that my love of dinosaurs must have started before I could even read.   My big brother discovered the topic first, and I always tried to do everything that he did.  He made little books about his favorites (or perhaps it was just the ones that he read about.  I’m sure he liked them all).   I suspect that all children are fascinated by dinosaurs (at least before Barney came along and ruined it for the others), because they were gigantic and now they are all gone, disappeared off the face of the earth. 🙁

Leaping lizards!  I even signed the petition to keep Dippy the diplodocus in place at the Natural History Museum, but it did no good (he’s gone on tour for now and was replaced by a whale,  a mammal of all things).  The age of dinosaurs is over, I guess.  However, they still have a bit of things to entertain dinosaur lovers like myself.

Of course artists renditions of dino life are de rigeur, because we can only infer what they looked like and what they were up to.

And the newest thing to make dinos come to life are animatronic dinosaurs, like T-Rex here.   He was quite popular and scads of people took selfies with him (including me!).

These animatronic Deinonochus, a species made popular in the Jurassic Park movies, are simultaneously adorable and quite scary.

All of this makes a skeleton seem rather ordinary.   It’s hard to appreciate the time and love required to find the bones in the first place, pry the bones from solid rock in the lab, replace the missing bones with what was probably there, and assemble it together again.

Then there is this newspaper, which was delivered to my house courtesy of a local church.

While I can’t agree with a single one of their conclusions (being largely fact free), it did have some rather nice pictures of my favorite creatures. 😉


Shop Windows

I love walking along the street and looking at the goods on display in shop windows.   What are they using to make one say “I must stop in and buy something”.

Hardware stores are the best places to browse.   Full of enigmatic and useful things, a shop like this that is crammed to the gills with stuff can never fail to inspire one.   Whatever one might need, perhaps a fresh coat of paint, repairing that thing that one has been ignoring, or just handling the various specialised tools; it leads to thoughts of what might be. (So get on with it!)

This window had these lovely antique, hand cranked sewing machines as a backdrop to the standard sort of trendy clothing that the shop sells.  I have been sewing for years (lots and lots of years) and yet I have no idea how to sew a straight line using just one hand while furiously cranking with the other.  So bravo to those who originally used these machines.  This display was the most interesting part of this shop.

Then there are the Christmas displays meant to fill one with the Christmas spirit (or at least the urge to spend money on one’s family and friends, if that is the same thing?).  When I was a child, I remember making special trips to the shopping district just to see the windows.  This store chose to use cartoon figures of Italian designers rather than the more traditional elves to flog their wares.  If it wasn’t for the tinsel and party dresses I might not have known this was a Christmas display.

And of course what says Christmas more than rockets and little green men ( a very traditional look for aliens).


In travel adverts we see beautiful stylishly dressed people walking along deserted white sand beaches.  On travel shows, the host chats with friendly locals who are delighted to serve him/her the fabulous local specialty.  That is the fantasy, the reality of most travel starts with an airport, much like this one.

Here’s your friendly neighborhood bar, although don’t get over-served or they will not let you on the plane (unless that is the captain on the next bar stool.)

How about a little overpriced food?  It’s your last chance for sustenance before you reach your final destination.

And if you are traveling on an overseas flight, there is the duty-free shop.   Who doesn’t need another pocketbook or some booze for the long flight ahead?

Ever wonder what the smartly dressed cattle would wear on vacation?

Here be a  dragon that guards the snacks.  I am old enough to remember when airlines served food (typically sort of bad food, but it was food) instead of tiny packages of pretzels.

And what airport worth it’s salt doesn’t have an enigmatic bit of art.  I’m not sure what it represents, except perhaps the experience of travelling.


We’ve had a run of bad weather, first it was ice and snow, then it was gale force winds.  And what does one need to get through a stretch of bad weather?   Some people rush to the stores to get bread, milk and eggs, but I need to to have a lovely pile of books to set by my bed.  So this is what I have been reading.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I haven’t gotten too far in Ancient Worlds, but The Invention of Murder is quite interesting.  One of the many points she makes is about the number of murders that take place in the novels of Charles Dickens.  She cites the original source material Dickens used, and it makes me wonder why Dickens is still popular (sort of, it’s considered literature, and good for one) while his other contemporaries have fallen out of favor.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Rain Dogs is a mystery (my favorite genre) set in Ireland (which is almost as good as an English mystery).   Of course I love Terry Pratchett, this is one of his witches novels.   I did see a list recently in The Guardian where people talked about their favorite laugh out loud novels and I was surprised that his work was not included.   Go figure.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

There was not too much to read in this book, but it had some great inspiration to it.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The quilting book also had some inspiring art, perhaps I will give this a go again sometime (I do have a rather large pile of unfinished quilts).  And the last book pictured is about French culture, it could be handy if I ever go back to France (in real life, not just in my imagination).   These were enough to get me through some rough weather, and now there is more possibly on the way.   I’m ready for that too.


New Year

KODAK Digital Still Camera

New Year’s Eve comes with it’s own set of traditions, and some of my dinosaurs posed last year for this shot to illustrate them.   One tradition is the wearing of crowns, tiaras and silly hats.   Top hats have not been worn by regular people in my lifetime, but they persist as festive wear, a symbol of the holiday.  Such is the power of tradition.  People also have plenty of superstitions about what to eat on New Year’s Day to bring health and wealth (but mainly wealth).

And of course the other tradition is to drink champagne (or other alcohol) in copious quantities at midnight.   Also to make resolutions for the year, some sort of self improvement; like to resolve not to stay up until midnight drinking champagne.

Here in town we have another tradition.   A bunch of old guys hike up the mountain and set off fireworks at midnight.   As this is a social event too, they have staff and support people, but they still have to climb to the top of the mountain on a snowy trail.   As the top of the mountain is far away from town, it’s not quite as impressive a display as sitting underneath the fireworks on the 4th of July.  But I applaud their efforts, and as it is a tradition I stayed up until midnight to watch this.  [Sorry there are no pictures, it was dark out 😉 ]

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The dinosaurs were not feeling quite as festive this year, but they and I do want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Memory and food

I love church festivals, they were a major form of entertainment when I was a kid.   And I love food in general, especially when it is made with a helping of love.  So I was off this past weekend to the local Slavic Festival.   And where was it you might ask?   Way out in the country.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

That distant peak on the horizon is the 14000 foot mountain, looking kind of puny.   And what was I after?

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I actually went out there for the pierogis (potato dumplings), but these were not that great.  I make them with a thinner dough (and love), so mine are much better.  But the kielbasa and halupski (bacon, noodles, cabbage and onion) were outstanding, and the cabbage rolls were pretty good too.   These are not the kinds of food I ate as a child, and I probably wouldn’t have even sampled them.  But I have acquired the taste for these over the years  from when I traveled in Canada (pierogis in Manitoba) and Russia.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

At one point there were a lot of Czechoslovakian farmers in this area and they started this church.   And they have maintained a congregation for over 100 years.  The church is  is quite charming and exotic and  they got a huge turnout of people who remember this sort of food from their childhoods.  And even people like me, who don’t.

Just Peachy

Colorado peaches are an ephemeral thing, some years we have a late frost, so there are no peaches, or not enough rain or too much rain or whatever disaster is around.  This year I’ve gone slightly mad over the delicious Colorado peaches that are available right now.   The trick of course is to buy any entire box.   That way you know that these delicate fruits have not been manhandled by an uncaring produce clerk.   But then you realize that you have an entire box of peaches to peel!   And need to figure out what to do with their deliciousness.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This bowl was blanched (dipped in boiling water for 10 seconds before plunging into an ice bath) and awaits peeling.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Ten jars of brandied peaches,  little bits of summer sunshine to enjoy over cake or ice cream on a cold dark winter night.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

One of the jars of peach jam.   I had some on toast the other day and it was a delicious  treat (okay, I did put a splash of brandy in here too).   I did not photograph the sacks of peaches in the freezer or the peach barbeque sauce.   Hmmm, maybe I need another box 😉


Fair food

This week was time for the annual County Fair, so like the lemming that looks for it’s cliff, I was off the check out the fair and make sure that nothing had changed.  (Nothing had, really).

KODAK Digital Still Camera

It’s said that an army marches on it’s stomach, and so too do crowds of people.   This food booth featured things that it is possible to fry, and things that you might not think to fry, like pickles.   The various things on a stick, from alligator to chicken reminded me of a character in the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett who offered a variety of things “on a stick”.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And if you sell lemonade you might as well paint your business lemon yellow so you can’t miss it.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

If your food is All-American the Statue of Liberty can help you to sell it.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

If your penguins are overheating, then you must get them some shave ice.   And it was hot enough to overheat one’s penguins.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And fry bread is not limited to pow-wows, but to make really good fry bread one must be an old lady (like me!).

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This was the only food trailer from a local place.   Their version of a small ice cream cone would be called a large anywhere else.   It’s so good that even employees from the rides came over to get some.   (I did mention that it was hot).

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Funnel cakes (I think this is pancake batter deep fried in a spiral and topped with powdered sugar) and corn dogs (hot dogs on a stick dipped in a cornmeal batter and deep fried) are traditional fare at the fair.   Really most of this food is not that great, being deep fried, but it is part of the essential atmosphere of any fairground or festival anywhere in the world.  Next up, the big one, the State Fair.