Category: Art

  • Valentine’s Day

    This holiday was fraught with peril back during school days; we first made shoeboxes covered with Valentine paper, with a slot in the top for the anonymous cards. Would one get the cheap dime store Valentine (they came in a packet, so there were plenty) from one’s schoolmates? Or would everyone know that one was […]

  • Going to a Movie

    Back when I was a young and lazy college student I did take a couple of film classes. These were fairly easy classes as it only involved showing up at the student center to watch movies, then going to a lecture where the professor rambled on about the film. As it was very long ago, […]

  • Very Merry

    There is something magical about the Christmas tree. No matter how drab the room is to start, it suddenly gets transformed with sparkles of light and color. And it’s temporary, it only happens once a year, otherwise it would not be so special. Back when I was travelling a lot, I would often follow S […]

  • In print

    So it was “Stationary Store Day”, a holiday which I had read about in M’s blog “”. I looked at the link, saw that there was a place in town that was participating, and decided I must go check it out to celebrate this holiday (I do love celebrating). And here it is, located in […]

  • Street Art

    It was time for my participation in the annual juried art show, so I found myself in the town to the south. After delivering the piece I was driving around and admiring the ambience of the city. It’s a much more working class sort of place, and this reminds me of the place I grew […]

  • Plein Air

    It was time for the annual plein air art demos at the fancy hotel across town that is sponsored by the gallery at the hotel. I am nothing if not a lemming, so there I was yet again. I drove up to the entrance and the valet parked my car, because at a place like […]

  • On Record

    A friend had recently been gifted with a new bit of antique technology, so we were off to the place that sells both new and antique items, a record shop. When I was a very young person I had a portable record player. It was in a square case (maybe 15″ x 15″) that folded […]

  • Reflections

    “Fast away the old year passes“ Well it’s that time of year again, when one is inundated with recaps of the past year (in case one has forgotten being there). And today I am also giving in to the impulse, but, being literal-minded I am including some of the reflections of things that I photographed […]

  • Fee Fi Faux

    I do love to wander about taking random photos of whatever catches my eye. This area is famous for it’s natural beauty, but there is also the charm of it’s fakeness (not sure if this is a word). For example, if one gets a permit and has technical rock climbing experience, one may climb the […]

  • A day in the country

    I love a drive in the country, it’s something that we sometimes did when I was a child, just to escape the city. And on this day me and my girlfriends were on a mission, and of course this mission involved shopping. It’s really not that far to go, just drive south to the next […]