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  • Graffiti

    My physical dictionary is so old that it does not include the current definition for “graffiti”. It does have the word “graffito: (plural graffiti) which is an inscription or drawing scratched on a rock or wall.” As this was written 60 years ago, it’s not very accurate, the meaning has slightly changed, and graffiti is […]

  • Tea Time

    I have lived in this city for a number of years, and yet, I had never been out to the house of the city founder. It’s hidden away near a canyon in the foothills and is not really visible from the road. Apparently, it is currently owned by a religious organization (you can thank them […]

  • Year of the Rabbit

    I love any excuse for a celebration, and this was the one for today. In years past I would prepare a feast for the day, but this seems too much like work, so I opted instead to see what was going on in town. The first decision was, what to wear? I had purchased this […]

  • Go Fish

    At the local sporting goods store, which features a full-size Ferris Wheel inside the store, there are also giant salt-water fish tanks at the entry. I do enjoy looking at fish, swimming and going about their fishy business as shoppers pass them by without a second glance. (Unless they have small children, then they say […]

  • In print

    So it was “Stationary Store Day”, a holiday which I had read about in M’s blog “”. I looked at the link, saw that there was a place in town that was participating, and decided I must go check it out to celebrate this holiday (I do love celebrating). And here it is, located in […]

  • Billboards

    When I was a young person, billboards were ubiquitous along the highways. As one went along the road, the way was jammed with billboards extolling the beauty of various tourist traps that were just a few more miles further ahead. When the president’s missus got legislation to abolish these eyesores, there was an outcry against […]

  • Spring

    It’s really hard to say when it’s actually spring in this area. It might seem like summer in January when the temperature gets to 70 F. Here you can’t depend on knowing what season it is by the calendar, you have to look for other signs. First, the deer that have been laying about the […]

  • Easter Parade

    It was once a custom of people to get especially dressed up for holidays such as Easter. Easter is both a religious holiday and a celebration of Spring after a long Winter. When I was a tiny tot, Easter involved getting a new dress to wear to church, a new hat (courtesy of my grandmother, […]

  • March

    So after a two year hiatus, the big event was on again. And I once again braved the murderous traffic to drive up north, and attend. It quite often snows on this weekend, but this time it was warm and sunny, so there were lots of people with the same idea. This was the 46th […]

  • Blow Me Down

    In the old Popeye the Sailor cartoons, he was given to exclaim “Well blow me down” (is this some sort of mysterious sailor talk for the unexpected? Maybe?) Although this is a generally great place to live, there are a few extreme events that happen every now and again that might give one pause. Sometimes […]