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  • Household creatures

    There is an ancient tradition that a cricket on the hearth brings good luck.   (Although I think that a chirping cricket is an invitation to mayhem, as one tries to find and destroy the pest.)  The best sort of cricket to have on one’s hearth is made of brass, one can get the luck without […]

  • Wound up

    As you know I have a rather extensive collection of wind-up toys.   I love the cheap and colorful toys that are aimed at children (or at their parents, as parents have more money).   But I found these ones recently, and I think they fall into the category of ‘art toys’.   I don’t […]

  • Batteries not included

    When I dragged out my Christmas stuff after all these years, I came across Bowser Holly, a delightful part of the Christmas decorations. Of course I originally bought him (I can tell it’s a boy by the voice) because he reminded me of Miss P and I would tease her with him.   And after […]

  • Toys

    I find myself in want of cheering up, so when I was downtown I stopped in to purchase some new toys.  This has always been a sure if temporary cure (it’s why I have hundreds of these things). A flipping penguin.  Not a euphemism. A flipping boxing kangaroo. A strolling robot.   It doesn’t really […]

  • Toys

    Just as I accumulate books, I also accumulate toys.  But not just any toys, they have to be mechanical, with a wind up key.   How did I start this collection you may ask?   It all started when we were in college.   We were invited to a friend’s house for their child’s birthday. […]

  • Year of the Monkey

    As it is now officially the “Year of the Monkey”, I looked around the house and discovered that I am harboring quite a few representations  of these wee beasties.   There is something adorable about the traits that we share with our simian relatives. Here are a few of the monkeys that I have laying […]

  • Newest Toys

    While I was cleaning up I found a couple of new additions to the collection that I had not photographed.    And as ‘Back to School’ season is over, we are now moving into ‘Halloween’ season on the retail calendar.   So here they are.   The chik-fil-a cow, it’s really quite adorable. These two […]

  • More toys

    In the hilarious movie parody of Star Trek,  Galaxy Quest, the catchphrase that is constantly repeated is “Never give up, Never surrender.”   I would like to amend this to “Never grow up, Never surrender (your sense of humor).  So here are some of my recent purchases of toys and my most recent knitting project […]

  • New and Old

    I did get a load of new toys at Christmas time, so I thought that I would share them today.   But first is an old toy that I have had for a number of years. I bought this in Boston.   I was walking down the street early in the morning, when I saw […]

  • Old Toys

    Presents come and go, you play with the toy for a while, then it’s relegated to a lesser favored pile.   There are some presents that survive despite the odds.   These are a few of the favored.   This doll was a present to my mom in the mid 1930’s.   The doll had […]