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I had some time on my hands, so I went out walking with Miss P.   The good thing about walking your dog (especially one that walks as slow as Miss P) is seeing all the details that you miss when driving past.  We were sauntering along when we came across this.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

So I immediately started singing the Hank Williams song “I saw the light” to Miss P and fortunately there were no other pedestrians out and about.  But I was thinking about time.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Here’s another sundial, with the motto “Tempus fugit”.  Yes it’s true, time does fly.   This one was put up in 1910, and it still keeps perfect time.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The clock in the courthouse is still working as well, but it has required considerable more maintenance.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Over in the center of what passes for downtown, this clock has been attached to a store since the 1930’s.  It’s motto “Dum Vivimus Vivamus is various translated as “while we live, let us live” or “let us enjoy life” or “let us live well” and all of these are good slogans to guide your life, whichever one you choose (assuming that you know Latin).

It was once important to the public to know the correct time, and many banks and all train stations had large clocks.   Now, you can just look at your phone to know the correct time.   Which is flying by.

And death

Death and taxes, taxes and death.  Twinned together, but not exactly equal, one temporary, the other permanent.   If you don’t pay your taxes you might have to go to jail eventually (it being the job of the government to prosecute you, this could take some time.  Perhaps one might even succumb to old age 😉


Of course my own experience with death is limited, it is the great unknown.   A frequent plot device, it’s easy to write.   My favorite is Death as conceived by the late Terry Pratchett who speaks in CAPITAL LETTERS.   And of course all writing about death is fiction.   And the way taxes are appropriated is often fiction as well.