• Graffiti

    My physical dictionary is so old that it does not include the current definition for “graffiti”. It does have the word “graffito: (plural graffiti) which is an inscription or drawing scratched on a rock or wall.” As this was written 60 years ago, it’s not very accurate, the meaning has slightly changed, and graffiti is […]

  • Tea Time

    I have lived in this city for a number of years, and yet, I had never been out to the house of the city founder. It’s hidden away near a canyon in the foothills and is not really visible from the road. Apparently, it is currently owned by a religious organization (you can thank them […]

  • Annual

    As it has been 365 days since the planet travelled around the sun, it was once again time for the big show in the city to the north. The week before I had a virus and was not really sure if I wanted to go, but the tidal pull of tradition won out and there […]

  • Valentine’s Day

    This holiday was fraught with peril back during school days; we first made shoeboxes covered with Valentine paper, with a slot in the top for the anonymous cards. Would one get the cheap dime store Valentine (they came in a packet, so there were plenty) from one’s schoolmates? Or would everyone know that one was […]

  • Year of the Rabbit

    I love any excuse for a celebration, and this was the one for today. In years past I would prepare a feast for the day, but this seems too much like work, so I opted instead to see what was going on in town. The first decision was, what to wear? I had purchased this […]

  • Going to a Movie

    Back when I was a young and lazy college student I did take a couple of film classes. These were fairly easy classes as it only involved showing up at the student center to watch movies, then going to a lecture where the professor rambled on about the film. As it was very long ago, […]

  • Very Merry

    There is something magical about the Christmas tree. No matter how drab the room is to start, it suddenly gets transformed with sparkles of light and color. And it’s temporary, it only happens once a year, otherwise it would not be so special. Back when I was travelling a lot, I would often follow S […]

  • Go Fish

    At the local sporting goods store, which features a full-size Ferris Wheel inside the store, there are also giant salt-water fish tanks at the entry. I do enjoy looking at fish, swimming and going about their fishy business as shoppers pass them by without a second glance. (Unless they have small children, then they say […]

  • Cars

    I love cars, I love car shows. Cars are a part of everyday life here in this spread out city, despite the city planners best efforts to force people to use bicycles and buses (like by limiting the roads and parking in the central area where they are encouraging people to go). Anyway, there was […]

  • A Day in the Life

    So my day started out because of a bit of nagging about an event from M and I was duty-bound to attend. It was a sunny day, but there was that hint in the air that fall is coming. And of course I was getting a later start than I had calculated, oh well, that’s […]

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